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The difference between Medicare and health insurance that you’ve had before is that Medicare doesn’t give you an out-of-pocket maximum limit. You could pay and pay and pay on Part B services with no end in sight. Fortunately, there are Medicare supplemental options to take care of this.

Compare Medicare Plans

The first step to compare Medicare plans is to decide whether you prefer a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medicare supplement. The two types of coverage work very differently.

The good news is that there is coverage available no matter what your budget is. Medicare Supplements provides more comprehensive care and the widest level of access to Medicare doctors across the nation.

Medicare Advantage plans typically cost less than Medicare supplements, but there are some restrictions. You will have a smaller network of doctors that you can see, and out -of-network care can be pricey or not covered at all. Instead of paying a higher premium up front, you’ll have  smaller premiums and you’ll pay more copays for medical services as you go along.

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans

If you have decided that you would be happier with a Medicare Advantage plan than a Medicare supplement, we’ll help  identify which Medicare Advantage plans are available in your county. Medicare Advantage plans have different monthly premiums. These can range from zero premium plans to plans that cost several hundred dollars per month.

More important than premiums are the copays that you will pay as you go along for your medical services. It’s good to look at what your monthly spending might be for the doctors you visit and prescriptions you take.

Here at Senior Insurance Solutions, we do all that legwork for you. We can check to see which networks your physicians participate in and which hospitals you will have access to under your plan. We’ll also compare Medicare Advantage plans in terms of extra benefits like dental and vision.

Once we’ve identified a Medicare Advantage plan that gives you access to your preferred providers, we can provide you a summary of benefits and carefully walk through the benefits of that plan. You will know exactly what cost-sharing you will be responsible for.

Comparing Medicare Supplements

Medicare supplements are a bit easier to compare. The federal government standardized these plans more than 20 years ago. However, every year we are contacted by people who bought a policy and their rate has gone up down the road. We can help you shop for that same plan at a lower rate.

Since changing policies in the future requires medical underwriting, we can walk you through the health questions. If you are able to answer no to these questions, we can help you apply for a carrier with low rates and good rate trend history.

No one wants to find themselves stuck on a policy that has great rates the first year and then skyrockets thereafter. Financial ratings are important, too.

How to Choose a Medigap Plan

At Senior Insurance Solutions, we’ve already done that work for you. We can help you identify a suitable Medicare supplement for your personal needs and budget as well as one that will go the distance for you. We’ll start with a free report that will compare Medicare plans and prices in your area.

Free Medicare Help

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